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These instructions are specific to our Attar Factory Wooden Incense Holders. Our black and cream premium incense stick holders are made from real rubberwood. The brown incense stick holder is made from real padouk wood. They contain a special anti-burn mat and an amazing geometrically patterned lid.


Open the lid. The lid can easily be opened from both sides due to the magnets.

Burn the incense stick and place it on the black anti-burn mat. There are no holes to insert the incense stick into. Simply place on the anti-burn mat. The mat is specially produced to not burn or heat up.

Close the lid. Re-attach the lid by connecting one side to the magnets at a time. It is safe to close the lid when the incense stick is burning.





Keep in mind… some tips:

  • Ensure that the incense stick is only touching the anti-burn black mat and not the actual wood.
  • Do NOT remove the anti-burn mat and place the incense stick on the wood directly. Instead, keep the black mat (which is a felt-like material) in the box and place the incense stick on this mat.
  • The incense stick should continue to burn without issues when placed on the mat and not touching any part of the wood.
  • If you move the incense holder around constantly while the incense stick is burning, this may move the burning incense stick around, making it touch the wood part, and therefore burning out. If you do move the holder, do so carefully, ensuring that the incense stick does not move off the mat and touch the wooden sides.
  • Once the burning incense stick is placed on the mat, you can close the lid, and it should continue to burn.
  • To clean the ash out after the incense stick has stopped burning – simply remove the anti burn mat and brush off into a bin or bag. Do NOT use water or tissue. Simply use your hands to brush off the ash.
  • It is normal for there to be marks on the anti-burn mat after you have burnt the incense stick.
  • It is normal for there to be heat marks on the wood under the anti-burn mat as well us on the lid. This is normal as the heat produced from the incense stick will naturally leave heat marks on the wood.


  • Keep away from children when the the incense stick is burning. There is a serious risk of burns.
  • When the incense stick is burning, keep the incense holder on an elevated place away from other things that can easily catch fire.
  • When the incense stick is burning, the lid can be closed without affecting the incense stick. This will ensure that if the incense holder were to fall, it will not burn anything else.
  • Do NOT leave burning incense sticks unsupervised.
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