Automatic Electric Incense Burner for Bakhoor, Incense, Oud


Attar Factory™ Automatic Electric Incense Burner for oud, frankincense, aroma oils, bakhur, lauban, sandalwood and other types of incense. Thermostatically controlled electric burner that allows you to adjust the heat as desired. The best automatic burner available! Comes with a 180 day warranty (subject to product registration).

FEATURES: • Automatic thermostat • Adjustable dial • Suitable for most types of incense • Insulated bakelite handle • Removable ss plate for easy cleaning • 220 -240V for use in the UK • Heats to more than 125 degrees Celsius  • Safety and quality tested • High quality components • 3-pin UK plug


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Attar Factory Electric Burner

2020 MODEL

New and Improved Design.


Made Using High Quality Components.


Meets the Highest of Standards.

SPECIALLY MANUFACTURED BY US (ATTAR FACTORY)– We have these burners produced ourselves so we can control the quality. We are the manufacturer. Unlike other burners on the market, which are sourced wholesale from unreliable manufacturers and may be unsafe – our burners are tested for safety and go through quality checks. We are the original automatic burner. Buy with confidence.

WE OFFER A WARRANTY (SUBJECT TO REGISTERING THE PRODUCT) – Unlike any other automatic burner sold on the market, we offer an extended warranty of 180 days. Others may not be able to offer any warranty or guarantee because they are not the manufacturers of their product. This indicates a lack of confidence in the quality of their burner – as it may be sourced cheaply wholesale. We manufacture these burners and can therefore offer a warranty and guarantee its safety.

AROUND THE CLOCK PRODUCT SUPPORT – We offer around the clock product support. If you need help with how to use the product, or encounter any issues, you can contact our dedicated technical team to solve the issue for you quickly and easily. More information available in the box with your purchase. If you have purchased a burner from us and need some help with your product, contact us.


AUTOMATIC THERMOSTAT CONTROL – Heat temperature can be adjusted to high or low as desired to suit various types of incense. Simply adjust the heat setting using the dial to match the type of incense you are using. This burner can heat to approximately 125 degrees Celsius. It does NOT produce any fumes or smoke whatsoever. The coil will heat the incense and allow it to produce a scent without producing any fumes or smoke.

NEW AND IMPROVED MODEL – New design with an improved dial; modern look; a larger plate to hold more incense; and general functionality improvements for ease of use.

PREMIUM QUALITY BUILD – Built with premium and high-quality components, and rigorously tested to the highest safety standards. Main body and plate: stainless steel. Base: wood. Handle: bakelite.

SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS TYPES OF INCENSE – Various types of incense can be heated with this burner due to the adjustable thermostat settings: bakhur, frankincense (lauban), agarwood (oud), sandalwood, resins, gums, oils and much more.

180 DAYS EXTENDED WARRANTY – We stand behind the quality of our products. We therefore offer a 180 day warranty for this burner (subject to registering the product).  The only automatic electric burner on the market to offer such a generous warranty period. We also offer around the clock lifetime support for our burner. Even after the warranty period, you can always contact us for help with this product.


Material: stainless steel; wood base; plastic handle

Size: approx 13 x 9 cm diameter (excluding detachable handle)

Voltage: 220 – 240v AC

Manufactured: India

Plug type: UK 3-pin plug

Currently only suitable for countries that use AC 220 – 240 voltage (Most of Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa). May not be suitable for countries that use less than AC 220 voltage (most of North America and Central America). Please wait until our AC 120v burners are available (mid October 2020).

If you purchase this burner from a country that does not support a UK 3-pin plug, you will need an adaptor to be able to use it in your country. We currently do not provide these adaptors.

  1. Place the contents to be heated on the SS plate provided.
  2. Turn on the burner by turning the dial to the lowest heat setting. A red light should turn on.
  3. Start with the low heat setting to experiment with the heat level.
  4. Slowly increase the heat if required (see table for heat suggestions – found on the back of packaging).
  5. The heat will automatically stop and start (to avoid overheating) as the burner is thermostat controlled. The red light will constantly turn on and off to indicate when the heat is on and off.

Keep away from children when the burner is turned on.

Using the burner on the highest temperature setting for too long will quickly burn most types of incense. Low – medium heat is the suitable temperature for almost all types of incense (see table for heat suggestions – found on the back of packaging).

Do NOT touch the plate or the top part of the burner when the burner is turned on. The plate can get extremely hot, especially on higher temperature settings.

After the burner has been turned off, do NOT touch the plate or the top part of the burner for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour in order to allow the burner to cool down. Use the handle to move the burner.

HEAT LEVEL             

Aroma Oil / Mosquito Mat: Low

Bakhur, incense, frankincense: Medium

Agarwood / Sandalwood chips: Medium (small amounts) – High (large amounts)

If your specific type of incense is not listed above, start with the low heat setting and slowly increase to experiment with the correct heat level.


Does this electric burner produce any smoke?

Electric burners do NOT product any smoke. When burning incense on coal, the smoke is generated from the burning of the coal and not from the incense itself. Incense only needs to be heated to activate the scent from the resin inside, which is what our burner does. No electric burner can produce smoke as producing smoke requires combustion, whereas electric burners provide heat using a coil.

What kind of incense is suitable with this burner?

Frankincense, agarwood (oud), sandalwood, bakhoor, aroma oils, essential oils and almost all other types of resins.

How long does it take to heat?

As with any electrical item that produces gradual heat, it needs a little time to heat up. Once you turn on the burner and select the temperature using the thermostat dial, the burner will quickly heat to the desired temperature. Please allow a few minutes for it to get to the desired temperature. At the highest setting, it may take a few extra minutes to reach the highest heat setting. This a safety feature to ensure the burner does not overheat quickly.

I am unable to smell the agarwood after turning the burner on and putting incense on the plate?

Some customers have stated that they cannot smell agarwood (oud) after placing it on the plate, even at the highest setting. This is most definitely to do with the quality of the agarwood chips you are using. Agarwood chips have a variety of qualities. If you use poor quality agarwood which does not contain enough oud resin, you are unlikely to get the oud scent. We recommend using good quality agarwood. You should notice resin on the agarwood chips melting as it heats. If you do not notice this resin melting, then the oud chips you are using are of poor quality. Retry with quality oud chips; we can guarantee that it will produce the scent.

Unlike coal, which heats the oud wood for minutes and then burns out the wood, this burner will gradually heat the resin inside the oud wood to produce the oud scent. You should be able to smell the scent after a few minutes. If after trying with good quality oud chips, you are unable to smell anything, contact us directly for assistance.

I have tried electric burners before. They don’t last long and stop working after just a few months. Is your burner durable?

Our burner is extremely durable. The reason why other electric burners stop working after a while is because the wiring is not suitable. Also, the components used are of a poor quality. Our burner is designed using high quality components and the wiring is high standard. This ensures the burner lasts a long time. We have been testing our burners for durability. The particular burner used for testing has been working for the more than 1 year without any issues. It heats as desired and is in full working condition. We also offer a warranty that covers any manufacturing issues.

Why is your burner better than other electric burners?

The components, wiring, safety, durability, design and overall service makes our burner better than other burners on the market. It is a product you can be confident in and a service you can trust. We offer limited warranties for our product and lifetime product support.

My burner does not work, what do I do?

We quality test every burner during manufacturing. However, despite our best efforts, some burners may not work as intended. This is the case with any electric appliance. However, you can be confident in knowing that we will replace any burner free of charge that does not work or stops working due to a manufacturing defect. Simple contact us and we will arrange the replacement for you.

Are electric burners better than coal burners?

Electric burners are better than coal burning as electric burners allow the resin inside the incense to be heated slowly and gradually, stopping it from burning out quickly. Your incense will produce a scent for much longer as it gradually heats. This is not the case with coal. Coal burns the incense at a much higher temperature and extremely quickly, resulting in faster burning of incense and less scent over a longer period of time.

Simply put, if you want a quick boost of scent, go with coal. If you want the scent to gradually spread around the room for a much longer period and make your incense last much longer, go with electric burners.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Dominique Ward
Love it!

I'm from America so I imported it. You need a Unidapt plug adapter to work with the USA outlets!

Armani ollandini
Not powerful enough

Need more than one for large rooms


Really well made, looks great, easy to use and lovely stable temperature to burn. Great buy!



Mohammad Naseem
Nice well made worth it.

The product is what it says.

No smoke - essential adjustable heat control

Would be 5 stars if:
1) The flex was thinner and more flexible
2) The thermostat knob was smaller - better looking.

However, until a competitor provides the obvious solution this product appears to be the best on the market and the only one suitable for non-smokey creation of resin incense aroma and for resins which require adjustable heating so as to reach the specific temperature they need.


Good product